Polish consumers – patterns and trends

Consumer behaviours in Poland differ dependently on the region. The price is an important factor influencing choices, but from time to time Polish consumers also like to spoil themselves with a little bit of luxury. They do shopping not only to purchase products they need, but also to spend time with their families and friends. They are open to new foreign brands. These are the trends revealed by many researches conducted in Poland in the last 5 years.


Saving strategies

Polish consumers like to save money, so they eagerly engage in loyalty programs allowing for discounts and special offers. Choosing cheaper shops and waiting for season sales are other strategies often used. Being careful with money often is accompanied by environmentally friendly thinking. Saving water and electricity is good both for environment and your wallet.

Regional differences

In big cities consumers pay more attention to their time spent doing shopping than to the price.They will chose the closest shopping centre or supermarket rather than a cheaper shop far away from their home. In smaller towns people have usually more time to check a few shops to find the best price, and the distances between these shops are shorter.

Shopping online

More and more people prefer shopping online, but still they chose Polish websites or those with translation into Polish. There are some factors discouraging them from using foreign websites: language barrier, foreign currency and payment with a credit card.

Consumer wants are constantly monitored and analyzed by product and service providers. A marketing messages filtered through culture and language can work totally different from the way it was expected. Don’t forget it developing your marketing strategies on new markets.

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